“I Refuse To Quit!” The Autobiography of a Dreamer

Is availiable on Amazon in Paperback, eBook and/or audible. The audible allows you to listen to the author in his own words (each version sold seperately).


“I Refuse To Quit!” Dream Box

A premium motivational offering for the “Super Supporter.” It includes a limited edition autographed hardback copy of I Refuse To Quit! The Autobiography of A Dreamer. It also includes a branded tee, book mark, and tea mug. The Dream Box is for the dedicated supporter and committed seeker of motivation, inspiration and education.


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The official “I Refuse To Quit!” Tee

The official I Refuse to Quit branded tee displays  the book title (minus the subtitle) in an easy to read font. This apparel was designed to serve as a constant reminder to any and all unapologetic dreamers.


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Official Author Quotes Tees

This collection of tee shirts proudly highlight various standout quotes by the author that can be found within the pages of I Refuse To Quit! The Autobiography of A Dreamer.

  • Quote 1: “Dreaming has been the catalyst for my desire to go wherever my beliefs take me.”
  • Quote 2: “I’m stubborn in my beliefs but not my realities.”
  • Quote 3: “Thought produces ideas, ideas produce plans, plans produce action, and action produces results.”


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I Refuse to Quit! The Autobiography of A Dreamer (REVISED VERSION)