What the people are saying about Greg “Olskool Ice-Gre” Lewis.

The Best or Nothing

From Common and David Banner to Vannesa Bell-Calloway and Garrard McClendon friends and colleagues know Greg to represent excellence, integrity, and the best parts of humanity. His work has inspired and motivated countless individuals across the globe.

Don C.

Designer/Founder of Just Don/RSVP Gallery 

“Ice-Gre is definitely a hustler. As long as I have known him, he has been on a constant grind. He was one of the first people I knew from Chicago who was making moves with legitimate record labels when the majority of us were just doing it locally.” 

Deon Cole

Comedian/Actor/Comedy Writer

“There are certain types of people in the world that help it revolve: innovators, motivators and game changers. Olskool Ice-Gre has always been all of the above. You will never find a more generous, thoughtful, positive shaker than him. I’ve been blessed to witness his greatness and also learn from him throughout the years. And if you are ever blessed to get a moment with my brother you’ll see and feel the energy I speak of.” 



Grammy & Golden Globe Award Winning Rapper / Actor /  Writer / Philanthropist / Activist

“Ice Gre has always brought something special to the table, from his artistry to the perspective use of his talents to elevate others. His influence is felt wherever he goes. I think his spirit shines through in all that he does and creates.” 

David Banner 

Rapper/Producer/Actor/ Activist/Philanthropist 

“Ice-Gre and I share a similar story around the journey towards our personal success. We both know that the journey is not always a linear path. I Refuse to Quit! is a resilience story that reveals how Gre used his setbacks as building blocks towards his success. This book will serve as a guide for turning the roadblocks in your life into building blocks that can become highways to help navigate life’s twists and turns.” 

Coodie & Chike

NAACP Award Winning Film Directors/ Screenwriters/ Cinematographers/ Producers

“This book is about an amazing human being that helped to move a culture forward. One of my best friends. We call him Olskool Ice-Gre not just because he’s old like me lol, but because his wisdom and loyalty stand the test of time. –Coodie

Olskool Ice-Gre exemplifies what I consider the essence of a pure soul, embodying a persona of an individual whose heart is like a newborn yet to be jaded by life. Very few people are able to maintain this quality of innocence, but when you come across it you trust it because you know its intentions are good and like these pages, comes from a place of purity.speak of.” -Chike

Steve Pamon


“We live in a world where people often mistake activity for impact and confuse arrogance with accomplishment. In contrast to that, my brother Ice-Gre is someone who has had a tremendous impact on the culture but carried that power with humility that few in the entertainment business possess. The lessons contained within this book empower me and many others with a model for dreaming big and remaining focused that could be called “old school.” But I look at it as simply the best way.” 

Vanessa Bell-Calloway

NAACP Theater Award Winning Actress/Director/Producer  

“Sometimes when you meet someone new you can’t get a feel for them right away. When I met Chicago (Ice-Gre) in the gym, and spent time with him on our many weekend hiking trips, it was love at first sight— and I don’t mean romantic. I mean his spirit and energy was so radiant you could not help but want to know more about him. He’s a confident, caring, focused, enlighten, funny, bright and happy person who is always laughing. I knew we would get along.” 

Special Ed

Hip Hop Legend/Rapper/Producer/Actor

“I saw the trueness in Olskeezy (Ice-Gre)—the need to preserve the once forgotten art form and the need to keep it right rather than real. I felt almost obligated to lend myself to a true cause rather than some new cause. Ice-Gre is not here to appease the youth, but to teach the youth. I have not seen him without a smile on his face no matter what place in the race. That ability to smile in the face of adversity is remarkable. Olskool’s positive attitude carried him all the way. There is something maybe only he knows that keeps him smiling.”

J. Ivy

Award Winning Poet/Author/Actor 

“Greg ‘Olskool Ice-Gre’ Lewis is beyond a storyteller and a king MC. He is a curator of culture and an arranger of the soul’s favorite theme songs. He is vital to art and music—its golden history and its promising future. During my own creative walk he has helped me make several benchmark moments happen. I’m forever grateful and will always have my ear close to the speaker.” 

Preston Glass

Multi-Platinum Award Winning Producer/Songwriter/Arranger

“Positivity and empowerment is a word people are talking about more often these days. But a lot of people don’t walk the talk. And, as a result, nothing gets accomplished. Ice-Gre walks every bit of the talk, all the while being an instrument of positivity and empowerment for himself and others. I admire his energy. Keep on energizing, my brother.” 

Freddie Ravel

Motivational Maestro and Grammy-nominated Latin Jazz Musician

“Olskool Ice-Gre brings his brilliant spirit as a performer, artist and humanitarian to everything he does. I am honored to call him a great collaborator and friend.” 

Garrard McClendon

Emmy and NAACP Award Winning Media Host/Author/Professor (Chicago State University) 

“Greg Lewis is the gold standard when it comes to excellence, integrity, and perseverance. He is encouraging and honest – both rare in the entertainment business. Solid!”

Miss Diddy

Brand Manager Entrepreneur/TV Personality/Lifestyle Specialist 

“I remember being a young woman and coming into a group of incredibly fly gentlemen from the infamous strong city of Chicago and thinking, they carry the essence of their city on their backs. I remember meeting Greg “Ice” and instantly feeling the most genuine family connection ever. His smile, his laughter and his way of telling a story would have you engaged in a conversation with him for hours without ever checking the time. One thing that I always recognized about him, which spoke to his character no matter what position in life he’s in, is how he’s always dedicated to taking care of the people around him and making sure they’re at their best. They don’t make ‘em like G anymore; authentically connected, spiritually charged and dedicated to art in all its forms. A man whose sophistication supersedes the world around him. He can go back to his neighborhood in Chicago and be an example to the youth as well as come to Hollywood and inspire the best of them to be even greater. A true King in this generation and someone who will continue to carry our generation on his back.”  

Scrap Dirty

Founder of Violator Allstar DJ’s /

“Olskool Ice-Gre is one of the hardest working guys I’ve worked with, and it’s been twenty plus years. He’s always on top of his Game. If it wasn’t for his grind, I wouldn’t have become the top player that I’ve grown to be. They say you will be only as big as your teacher, and he taught a lot of us to be the best.” 


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