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Authentic and Inspiring

An awesome (detailed) account of a dreamers journey towards purpose and the strength to not quit. You’ll be inspired to pick up and finish the race to YOUR purpose! Thanks for reminding us to dream and NOT QUIT!


True Commitment brings infinite rewards!!!

Greg, your life’s work was definitely a walk down memory lane from your days in Jacktown to your return to Chicago after we all had graduated… It is a true testament that your commitment to follow your dreams may have been delayed but would not be denied. We are all so proud of you, not only as an artist, but as a Black man that my sons can look to as a resource as they are embarking on their life’s journey.. Thank you for being so transparent as soseeyou shared your life with the world

Andrea D. Ballard MS.Ed,MA.Ed

“Tasteful, Encouraging, Heartbreaking & Victorious” all in one.

I loved how vividly honest it was. It was captivating from start to finish. This book will inspire the creativeness in anyone, no matter the age! This is a genuine classic.

Leo Woolfolk

The Truth!

This book was a breath of fresh air to me… Especially being a 47 year old producer who has had some success in the past with music. But storms in my life happened (deaths, homelessness, etc) and I fell off for a bit…. So I had to replan, refuel and find a source of motivation to keep going. In a world in which people constantly tell you that there’s an age limit to achievement (i.e. saying “you’re too old for this or that”) It was great to read the struggles, lessons learned and solutions that Ice Gre endured and prospered with! VERY MOTIVATING SHIT! I felt him on adapting to the changes that life brings sometimes… Those are very hard to cope with and adjust to but, need to be done if you wanna win. So, hell naw I aint quittin! And the progress is showing with some help from the vibes and mindset from this book. I’m glad that my cousin Tommie Dunbar put me on to this book and grateful thatIce Gre wrote it… It’s well needed! #salute

Dan Tanna

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