Abstract Mindstate

Greg “Olskool Ice-Gre” Lewis made his mark as an artist coast to coast. As the Founder of the veteran (often referred to as legendary) Chicago-based Hip Hop duo Abstract Mindstate and co-founder of the legendary Mississippi Hip Hop collective known as The Stewpot Stowaways, Olskool Ice-Gre made his presence felt throughout the Midwest and South during Hip Hop’s golden era. The Stowaways garnered national recognition in prominent Hip Hop publications and Abstract Mindstate went on to gain international recognition in countless publications (on and offline) and newspapers. The group won various awards and contests coast to coast and was responsible for breaking the wall between underground rap and mainstream radio in Chicago at a time when only national acts received regular rotation. After a long hiatus, the group is back again with a project fully produced by Kanye West.
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